Calling All Scientists!

Science Palooza is just around the corner and we are recruiting junior scientists to attend the event!

Saturday, March 21, 11am-3pm
Provo Recreation Center (320 W 500 N)
$4 per kid | Adults are free!
Tickets must be purchased in advance; buy online or at the Recreation Center

What can Junior Scientists expect to learn at the event?

Science Palooza aims to give kids fun learning experiences, so there will be limitless opportunities for interactive experimenting at the event. These opportunities range from demonstrations and hands on learning, to take-home projects and a science maze. Junior scientists will learn about the human body, sound, rocks and minerals, animals, body science, electricity, gasses, wilderness survival, and the science behind super heroes.

What else will there be to do a the event?

Booths and stations all over the event will offer demonstrations, experiments, activities, games, and crafts. These booths are staffed by museum experts, collegiate student scientists, professional scientists, and community volunteer scientists.

  • Sub Zero demonstrating the science of instant ice cream (there will be samples of course)
  • Wild Wonders will showcase live animals and teach kids all about them
  • Kids can enter the science game show to win prizes and test their knowledge
  • The Science Behind the Sci-Fi maze will explore the science used in movies and Hollywood to make some of our favorite films from Star Wars to Up to Thor
  • Make sure to stop by the interactive geology and biology area where kids and parents can explore unstructured science and learn incredible facts about the world of nature
  • Try out the green screen and the sound studio to see how movies are made
  • Have fun with Google Fiber's version of a MaKey-MaKey
  • Visit the Frozen Science room to make instant storms, race ice blocks, and make snowballs from homemade snow
  • Explore ancient lands and people with the Museum of Peoples and Cultures
  • Battle with lego robots and train a robot color a page for you
  • Other participating groups include: The Leonardo, The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center, The Natural History Museum, The Bean Museum, Del Sol, MAD Science, and many others!
Did we mention these are just a few of the more than 50 science experiments to try out at this event?!

Where is the Event?

It is at the Provo Recreation Center: 320 west 500 north
The event will be in the community side of the Rec Center and the Cougar Court gym.

How Old Does My Child Have to Be?

There will be science experiments for children of all ages, so feel free to bring the whole family! Most activities are targeted for ages 3-14, but kids of any age (and kids at heart) will love this event.

How Do I Buy My Wristbands

Pre-register and get wristbands by following the link here

What will we get at the event?

All kids will receive a prize bag with science toys, kits, and coupons when they arrive, plus prizes and crafts throughout the event. parents can visit the parents' corner to learn more about resources for learning and science in the community. We will also have "Do it at Home" cards for you to recreate science experiments with your children at home.


  1. Sounds like fun. btw, It's the Christa McAullife Space Center, not Christmas. ;)

  2. Sounds like fun. btw, It's the Christa McAullife Space Center, not Christmas. ;)