2015 Voting Results: Movies in the Park {ROUND 2}

Round 2 results are in and we've moved from Sweet Sixteen to the Elite Eight. Want to see how your favorites fared? Read below for summary and follow this link to vote in Round 3.

The big leader, Tangled, has now gathered more votes than any other movie with 310 total votes, pushing out first round dark horse A Bug's Life by more than 100 points. Disney's newest animated film, Big Hero 6, took more than 60% of the vote to eliminate the popular 2003 film, Finding Nemo. Hits from the Disney Renaissance era were victorious in three of the four matches with winners The Lion King, (136), Beauty & the Beast (106), and The Little Mermaid (130). Only Aladdin (91) fell to the slightly more contemporary, Emperor's New Groove (109).

Only two more rounds to go to crown our victor. Vote HERE. Voting will be open March 3-9.

Round 2 winners are shown below in bold with vote totals following the title.

The Lion King (136)
Tarzan (65)

Aladdin (91)
Emperor's New Groove (109)

Beauty & the Beast (106)
Mulan (95)

Peter Pan (70)
The Little Mermaid (130)

A Bug's Life (46)
Tangled (154)

Up (80)
Monster's Inc. (118)

Toy Story (120)
Wreck-It Ralph (78)

Big Hero 6 (122)
Finding Nemo (76)

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