Skate Comp

There was some major talent out at the Provo Skate Plaza this month during the annual Provo Skate Competition.  Skaters pulled off some killer tricks, with gnarly falls and spills mixed in, in all three levels of beginning, intermediate, and advanced. The announcer from Board of Provo called out the skaters on their successes and encouraged them after their failed attempts. We were amazed at the seemingly lack of self preservation of some of the skaters, but were impressed with the determination and skill level required to compete.

The skate competition wasn't only to showcase talent, as many young skaters hoped doing well in the competition would mean a sponsorship from Board of Provo. A sponsorship would mean free swag,  free skate gear, and even free boards.  The older skaters, several of whom were already sponsored, skated for the love of skating. The Skate Plaza was packed with bleachers full of the skater's family and friends, food vendors, and tents with brands advertising their gear. There was also a film crew shooting a YouTube video. Camera men followed the skaters around, filming their fails and completed tricks alike.With increased attendance and activity, the Skate Competition was a success. We hope to see you at next year's competition! Check out photos of the winners below.

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