Themed Dates and Activities for Movies in the Park


Looking for a creative date idea or a fun family event? Provo City has got you covered. Movies in the Park gives you a chance to enjoy the outdoors while relaxing on the grass enjoying a fun film.

Go the extra mile and make an evening out of Movies in the Park. Here are some ideas to theme your evening before or after attending Movies in the Park.

August 18:  Jurassic Park

Ideas for kids   
  • Fill a box full of sand and hide dinosaur toys for your kids to dig up    
  • Freeze dinosaur toys in blocks of ice, and let your kids have fun trying to get the toys out of the ice.   
  • Make *salt dough fossils with toy dinosaurs                                                       

Date Ideas     
  • Go to The BYU Museum of Paleontology (FREE)
  • Visit Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life  
  • Make *salt dough bones (or use real bones) and bury them in the dirt and outline them like an excavation site. Dress up as paleontologists and dig up the bones with brushes and other tool.  You could even do this up mountain trail by Rock Canyon Park and then walk to the movie
  • Buy wooden dinosaur crafts, build them, and paint them together

August 25: Wreck-It Ralph 

Ideas for Kids
  • Put Mentos in large coke bottles and watch them explode like the volcano in Sugar Rush
  • Make candy race cars just like Vanellope’s use graham crackers, candy, peppermints and icing
  • Have the kids make their own arcade games from cardboard and other materials around the house, then have the whole family play their games together

Date Ideas
  • Go-cart racing, race cars like in the Sugar Rush arcade game
  • Play games at an arcade just like the arcade in Wreck It Ralph
  • Go laser tagging and bring medals to win at the end just like Ralph in Call of Duty

We want to see pictures of your activities! Post Pictures and any other fun themed ideas you have below in the comments section!

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