Mixing the Easter Eggs

What does a pile of 12,000 Easter Eggs look like? See for yourself.  After several weeks of filling eggs, event staff must mix all the colors together in preparation for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt.


This year we will have 32,000 eggs, so this only shows about one-third of the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt!!  Each egg is filled with at least 2 candies or prizes along with coupons from local businesses.  About 80 of the eggs have certificates for redemption of grand prizes!

Once all the eggs are dumped out, staff members mix all the egg colors which sometimes includes wading  more than mid-calf deep in Easter eggs.

Together with BYU Athletics, we have 32,000 eggs, filling forty 18 gallon bins.  That's a total of 720 gallons or enough to fill 15 bath tubs!

Come hunt for eggs with us on March 30 at Helaman Fields (1600 N Canyon Road) at 9:30am.  For more information, view our previous post by clicking here.

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