Easter Egg Hunt PRIZES!!

The Easter Egg Hunt is finally here! 32,000 Easter eggs have been filled and stuffed with candy, prizes, and coupons from local businesses! About 80 eggs are filled with redemption coupons for grand prizes!! 

Take a look at this sneak peak of some of our awesome prizes!

Mini Quad-Rider!

Giant Kites!

Bubble Mower!

Toddler Trike! 

Razor Scooters!

Sandbox Toys!

Bow & Arrow, Electric Toy Guitar!

Cookie Monster Kitchen!

We'd like to thank the many generous local businesses who have donated to our event.  We have awesome gift cards,coupons and merchandise from: 

Hang Time|Fat Cats|Denny's|Joe Vera's Mexican Restaurant|Chuck-A-Rama|India Palace|Jamba Juice|Village Inn|Laser Assault|Sizzler|Einstein's Bagels|Peak's Ice Arena|Called to Surf|Del Taco|Sprouts|Karate for Kids|Seven Peaks|ATA Karate|Olive Tree|Kencraft

Don't forget! Come hunt for eggs with us on March 30th at Helaman Fields (1600 N Canyon Road)for a chance to win these amazing prizes! We hope to see you there! Activities at 9:30am and Egg Hunt at 10:30am. Event is free and Egg Hunt is for ages 10 and under.


  1. I hope I get the bubble blower!!

  2. I am frustrated and appalled. We came at 10:15 through the gates, only to see families coming OUT because the Easter Egg Hunt was OVER. It clearly stated everywhere that it started at 10:30. I had to take my 5 disappointed kiddos back home with nothing, while we saw kids with 20-30 eggs EACH in their baskets. I will never go again. Waste of family time loading everyone up, driving, parking, walking and fighting crowds. And I RSVP'd. This was my one special thing for the kids for Easter, since it's such a tight year. Thank a lot Provo and BYU. They have been used to disappointment over the last meager year, though, so I guess it doesn't "really" matter.

    1. We apologize for the confusion and disappointment. The schedule distributed via the fliers was accurate, however, a large group of children became overexcited and rushed the field past volunteers and boundary lines. The 0-3 age group started less than a minute after 10:30 as advertised. Again, we are sorry for the confusion and especially sorry that your children did not get to participate in the hunt.

  3. #byudawn- you said exactly what I wanted to. I would think they would put a limit on how many eggs each child could get when you expect so many to attend. So much for RSVPing. I guess you have to be there when the gates open. Bummer

    1. We are sorry for your disappointment and have already started working on plans for how to improve this event for 2014. We do have a rule for how many eggs each child is allowed [5 each]. This rule is both announced and posted, but it is up to parents to enforce the rule. While we have fantastic volunteers, we are not able to require them to check each of the 5,000 children. With our total of 32,000 eggs and several hundred additional prizes, we should have had roughly 6-7 eggs per child. We apologize, again, for the frustration you experienced.