2015 Voting Results: Movies in the Park {ROUND 1}

The first round of voting brought over 200 voters! The voting closed over the weekend we're excited to announce the winners and open the next round of voting. A few of the races were particularly close. In the first few days of voting, Hercules (74) and Mulan (137) were neck and neck, with Mulan surging ahead during the final days of voting. A Bug's Life (113) and Meet the Robinsons (96) were constantly pushing ahead of each other, with A Bug's Life securing the win in the end. The big upset was the elimination of Frozen (94) by Up (115). The narrowest win was by Wreck-it Ralph (110) over Ratatouille (98). And the award for the land slide win goes to Emperor's New Groove (173) with a 135 vote lead over Pinocchio (38).

Vote in Round 2 by clicking here. Round 2 will close Saturday, February 21, at midnight.

Round 1 winners are shown below in bold with vote totals following the title.

The Liong King (168)
Cinderella (43)

Tarzan (142)
Sleeping Beauty (68)

Aladdin (156)
Princess & the Frog (56)

Emperor's New Groove (173)
Pinocchio (38)

Beauty & the Beast (173)
Alice in Wonderland (39)

Mulan (137)
Hercules (74)

Peter Pan (114)
Pocahontas (97)

Snow White (39)
The Little Mermaid (172)

Meet the Robinsons (96)
A Bug's Life (113)

Tangled (156)
Brave (53)

Frozen (94)
Up (115)

Monster's Inc. (160)
Cars (48)

Toy Story (112)
The Incredibles 96)

Wreck-It Ralph (110)
Ratatouille (98)

Big Hero 6 (160)
Bolt (46)

Wall-e (57)
Finding Nemo (151)

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