Provo Restaurant Highlight- Gloria's Little Italy

Gloria's isn't just for dinner; did you know they have amazing desserts you can order a la carte? Head toward the back counter, through a restaurant decorated like an Italian street, and find a beautiful display of desserts. These aren't just ordinary desserts, but unique masterpieces of flavor. To the left you will find a section dedicated to gelato, and if you haven't tried gelato yet, then you need to try it ASAP. Gelato has less air, and is churned slower for more flavor and different texture than ice cream. Gloria's Little Italy has a variety of gelato flavors from Nutella and animal cracker, to pina colada  and salted caramel. This yummy dessert comes in little glass cups with wafer crackers to top it off. Instead of going out for ice cream on your next date, or family excursion, try something new and get gelato. 

Next to the gelato counter is the pastry selection. These range from slabs of chocolate cake to chocolate volcanoes. Yes, you read that right, chocolate volcanoes. Actually called [insert name here], but if you ask for a chocolate volcano the waiters will know what you are talking about. This dessert starts as a round chocolate ball a little bigger than a grapefruit. The waiter then warms it up, melting it into a mound of chocolate, brownie, and creme. You can also ask to have raspberries and raspberry sauce drizzled on top  for extra flavor. This dessert is definitely to share,  as there are not many people that can handle the full experience alone.

So next time you are out on the Provo Downtown scene, stop by Gloria's Little Italy for a fun Italian treat.

Theme It! Make a night out of it and create a whole Italian theme. Here are some date ideas or family fun ideas to create an Italian themed evening.

Ride or fee horses | Listen to Italian music while hiking | Attend an opera
Look at art
Make dinner- spaghetti, pizza or anything Italian
Make Carnival Masks
Watch any of the following movies: Lady and the Tramp,Italian Job, The Tourist, Letters to Juliet, Roman Holiday, Angles and Demons

How else can you theme an Italian night. Share your ideas with us, we would love to hear them. 

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