How to Throw a Successful Bonfire Party

The weather is getting colder and it is harder to plan fun things outdoors. One of the best activities to combat the impending cold weather is a bonfire! Bonfires are a time old Provo pastime, so our events team has come up with some ways to jazz up the classic bonfire venture. 


There are several parks in Provo that are perfect for bonfires. Click here to go to the Provo Parks List, and view the amenities each park contains. Some of our favorites are Kiwanis Park, Nuns Park, Vivian's Park and South Fork.


Wood is plentiful in Provo. There are several ways you can obtain wood for you bonfire. 
  • Gas stations and grocery stores have a logs for sale
    • some of the cheapest logs can be found at a Smiths Gas station
  • Check on craigslist or KSL for cheap or free firewood.
  • Call local grocery stores or industrial business for pallets
  • Call tree trimming business and see if you can pick up the cuttings


Food is a big incentive to attend a bonfire. Besides the classic s'more and hot dogs try some new ideas to munch on while mingling around the flames. 
  • S'moreo: Twist off an Oreo and place the marshmallow in between the cookies and roast. 
  • Bring spices to season your marshmallows
    • nutmeg
    • cinnamon
  • Peel bananas and smear peanut butter, chocolate or marshmallows on it. Wrap in tin foil and eat with a spoon
  • Cut a sweet potato and put brown sugar and marshmallows in it. Wrap it in tin foil and eat it when the potato is soft. 
  • Have a chocolate smorgasbord! use all different types of chocolate bars to make your s'mores
  • Campfire Cone: Buy waffle cones and fill them with marshmallows, fruit, chocolate and whatever else you can think of. wrap in tin foil and eat when melted 
  • Hot Chocolate. Bring a pot and boil water. Add cocoa powder and toppings. 


Bonfires are good events to socialize, but sometimes the conversation can die down or it just gets boring. Add some excitement to your bonfire by including some of these fun activities.
  • Colored fire- make or buy colored pine cones, wood or salts to throw in the fire and change the color of the flames. Click here for a Pinterest link for more directions. 
  • Bring musical instruments and jam around the fire. 
  • Tell scary stories. We'll leave those up to you to find.
  • Play 2 truths and a lie or other silly games
    • everyone tells 3 facts or small stories about themselves, 2 are true, 1 is false. Have fun guessing what fact is true and what is not  

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