Effie Trinket Costume DIY

Halloween is coming up and the scramble to find a Halloween costume has begun! To help you in your search for the perfect Halloween Costume, we are showing you how we make some of our costumes for the Halloween Carnival. Look at our Pinterest Page to look at more ideas for Halloween Costumes. 

Effie Trinket: Total Cost under $30

The Capitol citizen from the Hunger Games series is known for her crazy costumes. She wears one color in all the possible shades. People will recognize the costume if you mimic a costume from the movie, but to save on time and money you can capture the basic elements of the costume, which is what we did. For our Effie Trinket costume we went to the DI in Provo and found an assortment of different shades of red. Effie wears coats with puffy sleeves and pencil skirts with leggings or tights and ridiculous shoes, all of which can be found in thrift shops.

Once we assembled the color-schemed costume we put together her accessories. Her hair comes in many colors but most people remember her for her picked out blond hair- easily imitated with a blond wig. She wears extravagant hair pieces, we chose a bright red flower, but anything will work, as long as it is big, colorful and over the top.

To add to the jacket we made feather shoulder pads with cardboard, glue gun and red feathers.To connect feathers to the rest of the costume we made feather wrist bands to put on the white gloves for the costumes.

Effie Trinket's make-up is a big part of her appearances as well. There are many you tube videos on how to do you make-up, and we'll show you our basic version. We powdered the face pale, added dramatic shading to the eyelids and underneath the eyes and added eye extensions.Then we painted just the center of the lips for the baby doll look.

 Add all the elements together and you have your very own Effie Trinket Halloween Costume! Extra details you can include to make this costume your own are: painted nails, body rhinestones or jewels, high heels,earrings, and eyelash extensions.

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