Triathlon Training: FAQ

Our outdoor triathlon program starts this Saturday. It lasts all summer long and will incorporate everything you need to complete a triathlon. And the best part, most of it will take place outside. It always helps to have a group to train with. Whether you are a beginner or a well-versed triathlete, this class can cater to your individual needs AND schedule. Register here.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: What kind of training and activities are involved in the class?

A: This class will provide you with swimming instruction in the pool, as well as experience in open water swimming, in a safe controlled environment. We will utilize the Rec Center facilities for biking, running, and cross training and as the weather warms up we will enjoy a variety of outdoor activities like trail running, and group rides in the Provo Canyon. Generalized training plans will be given out weekly, along with occasional classes during the week and our Saturday morning class from 7-9am. 

Q: What if I don’t own a bike? Can I still participate?

A: Absolutely! Having a bicycle is not a requirement for the class. On the occasional days that we will be biking outside, bike rentals from T3 will be available at a discounted rate for the class as well as rental options at BYU. Borrowing a bike from a friend would be a great idea if that option is available to you as well.

Q: My swimming experience is limited, and open water scares me to death! Will this be safe?

A: Every effort is made to keep the class participants feeling safe and secure. Swimming instruction will be mostly given in the Rec Center pool. Our open water swimming will take place at the Lindon beach in a very swimmer friendly area that is shallow enough to stand in (about the height of a kiddie pool) for hundreds of meters. Your instructor will be with you the entire time and never pressure you to do more than you are comfortable. Water safety is number one priority.

Q: What kinds of equipment or gear will I need for the class?

A: There are a few training gear items you will need for the pool. Your instructor will go over those items with you when class starts. The cost will be minimal as you will receive a 20% discount on everything at T3 Triathlon shop, as perk for class members. A good pair of running shoes is important along with comfortable workout clothing. As mentioned above, owning a bike is not required, but renting or borrowing a bike will be necessary to participate in the outdoor group rides (which will not be every week).

Q: I’ve heard the class will participate in the Doxa triathlon relay at the end of the 12-week course. Do I have to participate? Will it be included in the cost of the course?

A: The Doxa relay is a “Ragnar” style 24 hr. 12 man team triathlon relay that we will aim to participate in as a class, or as a combination of class members and outside friends. Participation is completely optional, but having a race that you are training for gives more purpose and drive to your training. The cost of the relay is not included with your course fee, but there will likely be a deep discount for class members.

Doesn’t this class sound like fun? Come join us. If you want to come check out the first class before you sign-up, we’ll meet at the Provo Recreation Center this Saturday, May 31st at 7:30am for an orientation. Any other questions? Contact Alicia Christensen at achristensen@provo.org.

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