The New Recreation Center is already one year old?!?

It sure is! We’ve had a great first year at the Recreation Center, and to celebrate we are celebrating with the Legacy Event! We are commemorating by throwing a week-long party May 12th-17th with special events going on each day. Read on to find out all of the fun details!

Monday, May 12th  
First up for Legacy Event is an awesome Zumba party starting at 7 pm and going till 8:30 pm. To make the party even better, you can bring a friend for free with your membership or day pass. The more people there are dancing, the more fun it will be so bring your friends!  Here’s a video of our last Zumba party.

Tuesday, May 13th
Come by the Recreation Center to find out what the mystery surprise is! You won’t want to miss it! Some people already know and they’ll be eager to participate, so don’t miss out!

Wednesday, May 14th
Come participate in our fitness challenge and see how many laps our members can total! Remember, six laps equals one mile.

Thursday, May 15th
Be sure to come by the front desk of the Recreation Center to get free cookies all day! Additionally, kids under 12 can come by between 4:00-8:00pm to get a free ice cream cone. Yum!

Friday, May 16th
Does a fun, leisurely ride on bikes through town followed by a great dance sound like fun to you? If it does, don’t forget to sign up for Bike Prom! You can sign-up online or at the Recreation Center for just $5 a person! ($10 at the door)

The ride will begin at 6 pm and consist of a ride through iconic parts of Provo, starting at Kiwani’s Park and ending at the Recreation Center. After the ride is over, the dance will began at 8 pm. Come enjoy mocktails, desserts, a DJ and some great dancing!

Saturday, May 17th
Our final event is a promo fitness class! Our Pump It! Join us at 8:30am for this high energy fitness workout.

BONUS: Don’t forget that Zippy the Chipmunk will be at the Recreation Center all week. If you see him, snap a photo and use hashtag #HappyBdayProvoRec to be entered to win awesome prizes including a grand prize of a free annual membership!

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