Senior Picnic Series: Watermelon Circus

 Congratulations to Lyle our champion seed spitter. 
Lyle spit the watermelon seed over 12 feet, and won a watermelon for his spitting prowess.

We had a great turnout at the last Senior Picnic of the year. The fall weather almost made us take the picnic inside, but as the day went on it warmed up, so we decided to continue with our plans and hold the picnic outside in the fresh air. 

The event staff had fun setting up and decorating the pavilion at North Park. Before lunch was served the event guests could participate in a watermelon themed word search and snack on bags of popcorn. We even had a few participants dancing to the 1960’s music playing on the portable speakers. 

The picnic officially started at 12:00 pm. We welcomed the lunch guests to the event as over 100 people sat down to enjoy a picnic lunch served by Provo Rec Center's own kitchen supervisor, Richard.The picnickers mingled as they ate; friends greeted friends, while others introduced themselves to new friends. After lunch was served everyone could take pictures in our photo booth and participate in the annual seed spitting contest. 

Community residents love coming to the picnics and we love putting them on, join us next season for our monthly Senior Picnic Series. 

The decorations added to the theme. To see how to make the centerpieces and the watermelon pennants see our Provo events Pinterest boards.

Thank you to our awesome events staff!

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