Hunting for the Easter Bunny

We would like to announce our very first episode of Holiday Hunters! The Holiday Hunters consist of a team of people who devote their lives to discovering and revealing the magic behind the holidays... In these episodes you will be able to follow along in the Holiday Hunter's journey as they work together and search for traditional holiday symbols including: Santa Clause, Cupid, Father Time, The Great Pumpkin, etc...

In preparation for the Easter Egg Hunt, please enjoy this episode as the Holiday Hunters try to track down the Easter Bunny.

Untitled from ProvoCity Events on Vimeo.

Please comment by letting us know what fun things you are planning to do for Easter. And don't forget to RSVP for the Easter Egg Hunt on our Events Facebook Page!


  1. Great Video! Excellent acting and stunts. I'm really excited to see if the Hunters caught the Easter Bunny at the Egg Hunt.

  2. This is the best short film in the industry today.